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Jamaican Mangoes - RINSE, PEEL, NYAM (EAT), REPEAT!

I just can’t.. Oh my God I haven’t had a juicy juicy mango in forever!!!!

oh gawd

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Your Eyes Won’t Believe How Colorful Roshe Runs Can Get!

They’re just everywhere right now. With anyone from street style bloggers to actual fitness buffs rocking Nike Roshe Runs, it’s difficult not to spot these kicks online and off. While the minimalistic black and white Roshe Runs are easy to pair with any outfit, there are other alternative colorways that can complete OOTDs nicely. Have a thing for ombre or polkadots? The Roshe has those variants! Now, feast your eyes on these 7 colorful Roshe Runs:

1) Nike Roshe Run in Red

Nike Roshe Run in Red

2) Nike Roshe Run NM BR Sneaker in Pink and Black

Nike Roshe Run NM BR Sneaker in Pink and Black

3) Nike Roshe Run Sneaker in Military Blue

Nike Roshe Run Sneaker in Military Blue

4) Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse

Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse

5) Nike Roshe Run Trainer in Green Purple Fade

Nike Roshe Run Trainer in Green Purple Fade

6) Nike Polka Dot Roshe Run NYC Sneaker

Nike Polka Dot Roshe Run NYC Sneaker

7) Nike Roshe Run Slip-On Sneaker

Nike Roshe Run Slip-On Sneaker

Which colorway did you like the most? Let us know!
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Bruce Lee

you know why they make jokes about chuck norris and not bruce lee? because bruce lee ain’t no joke..


two fingers yo 

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What can we do to put ourselves in a position to hear God’s voice? We have to make time in our daily lives to get quiet. David said of the Lord in Psalm 23:2, “He leads me beside quiet waters.” Today I want to encourage you to find those quiet waters where you can get alone with the Lord. It may be a room in your house, outside under the trees, or some other place where you can shut out the noise and distractions of the world for just a few precious minutes. The key to renewing your mind, body and spirit is to develop the habit and discipline of meditating on the Word of God every day — even if it is for just a moment.

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" If you can’t handle me at my 666 then you don’t deserve me at my 420. "



What’s Magic Johnson’s son’s name?


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